Chicken or Lamb…

Chicken or Lamb Grandma

ear-hornIn the years I have been serving the public, I have often stood in silence at the complete lack of listening skills the majority of people actually possess. Most of the time this is overlooked by barmen and women, however sometimes it’s essential to readdress questions which the public seem to ignore..

Customer: “Pint of beer please”

Staff: “Certainly sir, is that lager or Ale”

This is where you must bear in mind that “beer” covers both lager and ale, and when ordering a drink there are a lot of different options. Most of the time, customers will react with “Ahh, sorry mate, just a lager please”, but the odd few will transform into a raging “beer-drinker”. When this happens, it starts what we like to call a “polite argument”. I have had a lot of personal experience in these polite arguments, where the customer will argue that they simply want “a beer”. When they refuse to perform the simplest task, that is choose between lager or ale, it comes to a boiling point where the customer will simply receive the most disgusting of ales I can possibly lay my hands on.

I guess this all comes down to the treatment most people give to those serving them in restaurants, bars and pubs. It is not difficult (whatsoever) to treat people in these industries as human beings, as opposed to machines or servants. You must remember, these are the people looking after your eating and drinking needs, they will be working alongside and most likely friends with those cooking and preparing that rib-eye steak you ordered. So possibly not the best move on your part to treat your server like your servant!

Anyway, enough of my ranting..

Now we move to the intended article..

This is simply a post about a funny moment from working last Sunday.

Roast Dinners really are one of Englands most beloved meals for a Sunday meal out, and this is something which I believe a pub or restaurant must get right (especially the roast potatoes). Now every week, where I work, we change the meats on offer. The Sunday just passed, we were serving Roast Chicken or Roast Pork. I approached a table in the main restaurant and began a pleasant conversation with the one of the customers, explaining the meats on offer. The conversation went a little like this:

“The meats on offer today are Roast Chicken or Roast Pork”

The lady turns to her elderly mother and shouts at her:

“Would you like Roast Chicken or Roast Lamb”

To which the elderly woman replies:

“Ooo, I’ll have Roast Lamb”

Interrupting to avoid confusion I clarified:

“Sorry, the meats are Roast Chicken or Roast Pork”

Anticipating a jokey apology, or some form of awkward laughter, instead I was met with:

“What?! You just told me you had Roast Lamb, my mother wants Roast Lamb!!”

If we had any form of Roast Lamb on the premises a) I would have informed her and b) I would have done all I could to get this elderly woman (apparently with an obsession with Roast Lamb) the meal she’s craving, My reply:

“I do apologize for the confusion, but I didn’t inform you that we had Lamb, simply because we don’t”

Now, this continued back and forth for much longer than I thought would ever be possible with such a conversation.

To sum up, when ordering in a restaurant, to get what you desire, perhaps it’s best to listen first instead of ignoring the information you’re being given then idiotically shouting at your server.



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